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Designed in Copenhagen / Handcrafted in Ubrique

This is the foundation of Svare / Andersen, a young company seeking to combine form and quality for the noteworthy gentleman.

It began however, with a curiosity around leather. We asked ourselves: is it possible to make the highest quality accessories at a more competitive price?

The desire to answer this question took our designs on a world-wide quest for leather. From the famous ateliers in Italy to the streamlined factories in China. We met purveyors, learned about quality from tanners, and observed craftsmen at work.  

Excellence, detail and craft are fundamental to quality leather goods. To our delight, we found all three in a historic Roman town in Spain called Ubrique.

Nestled amongst hills, this remote configuration of white buildings is home to some 17,000 people, and has a long-standing tradition of leatherwork. A heritage passed down through committed generations, since the nineteenth century.

We believe the craftsmanship and legacy of our Spanish colleagues is the perfect complement to our Scandinavian design principles. And to honor our promise of quality and cost, we only produce a limited set for each line.

We hope you enjoy our timeless accessories. May they enhance your journey.