/ Leather Care

Growing Old Gracefully

Just like women and fine wines, leather is a natural material that grows old gracefully. It will inevitably gain some patina as time goes by but this is to be seen as a one of the many qualities this material preserves.

Keep It in the Right Environment

A good wine needs to be kept in the right environment, and this also applies to the leather goods from Svare / Andersen. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to keep your new favorite bag stored away, like a wine in a wine-cooler, even though it would look good in a showcase. Therefore, you need to keep the weather in mind before departing on a trip with your best friend. Natural elements, so as water, oil, heat, light and high degrees of humidity or dry air can damage the material and should be avoided.

Tuck It in Bed

Like yourself, your leather needs a break when you are not on adventures. All of your daily  action will set its mark on the fabric and it is important that you give your leather item  time to rest, once in a while. Tuck it in its dust bag and offer it the best possible resting-conditions. Then you will be able to enjoy your leather item  for as long as you’d like.

Spa Appointments

Leather is a living material, and as all other living creatures, it needs attention to avoid fading. Treat it like it was a  spoiled date  and offer it frequent spa-appointments where you massage it in leather care and rub it in impregnation. Then your goods will have the best possibilities to stand the test of time and  age more beautifully over the years.

...and remember

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